Internation Museum Day (IMD) is celebrated on or around 18th of May, which is organized by International Council of Museum (ICOM). Through the celebration, the organization alert public the difficulty museums face. In 2016, the event will celebrate the theme: museums and cultural landscapes. The primary mission of museums is to oversee heritage that surrounds them and assume varying degrees of responsibility of implement their activities in the open field of cultural landscape.

Hand fan carries a long history across different cultures, which maintains tradition and transform to a modern element. JOSEBLAY® not only carries Spanish traditional hand fans, but also create new modern design fans. Not only that JOSEBLAY@ dedicated a collection of famous painting hand fan inspirate by famous painters, such as Velázquez, Boticelli, Van Gogh, Leonardo, Goya, Renoir, Klimt o Gaugin.

Hand fan itself is like a museum, carries the responsibility of heritage and absorb cultures across boarders.   There are couple museums exhibit collections of fans and some of them are hand fan museums. We would like to invite you to visit a couple of museums and their collections of han fans. Get information from their website; they all have programmed activities for this special day.



There is nothing more original than a folding fan for wedding favor, which is a nice, useful and practical gift as the Bride fans.

JOSEBLAY® offer countless ways to customize your wedding favor – folding fans – for the special day. You can choose different type of plain wooden folding fans or a plain plastic fan in a wide range of colors. Simply print or laser engraving on the first rib of the fan or on the center.

You can also personalize a wooden or plastic fan with an image, photo, and/or a message printing on the fabric. There are limitless ways to personalized your own folding fans with the mínimum quantity of 48 pcs only. The personalized fan is the best memory you might have to share with family and friends.

On our website, we have develop an easy tool to personalised your own fan. Follow the steps indicated by upload your photo, choose the type of the fan you like and the fabric color. After finishing the design, you can download the image or request a quote directly online.



International Dance Day was introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Council (CID, Conseil International de la Danse), a UNESCO partner NGO, and is celebrated yearly, on April 29th.  The main purpose of Dance Day events is to attract the attention of general public to the art of dance.  Emphasis should be given to addressing new public who do not follow dance events during the of the year.  JOSEBLAY® would love to celebrate this special date with those who dedicate their lives to dance, especially the ones in the traditional Spanish culture, Flamenco, which also use hand folding fan as an element to express the dance. As the dance culture, hand fans also carry a long history across the country borders and languages.  Flamenco dance have connected these two most traditional segments together; therefore, JOSEBLAY® is celebrating the dance day today.



Jose Blay makes and commercializes all type of fans, custom-made to every organization or individual’s necessities:

  • Hand-Crafted Fans: made of wooden or plastic ribs. There is a wide range of hand-fans available in many sizes, colors and designs; from the most traditional ones to the most vanguardists.
  • Promotional Fans: for adverting, events, etc. Completely customized with your brand-name or logo, and your own exclusive design.
  • Gift-Fans: for weddings, corporate gifts, and fine collectors. High-quality exclusive creations which always grant a touch of distinction to your gift.
  • Souvenir-Fans: customized with the most traditional Spanish folklore, and touristic motives from the main Spanish cities, and also adapted to souvenir motives of other cities worldwide
  • Accesories: we have a wide range of accessories for hand-fans from individual boxes to bags, and other complements such as fan-holders .
  • Spanish Scarves: folklore Spanish clothing traditional element with a wide range of floral designs.



JoseBlay also commercializes the typical Spaniard shawl, available in different colors and floral designs.

These shawls are made of synthetic fabrics, which is why its cost is considerably lesser than the traditional ones made of silk.

For this reason this product sale is especially oriented towards national and international souvenir markets, as well as, local and general Spanish dance schools and flamenco dancers.



JOSEBLAY® presents a new technique – Laser Engraving to personalized plastic folding fans. It gives an authentic look for an economic item. Till now there is only possibility to engrave with laser onto wooden frame, either on first rib or on the center, which is one of the popular items for the personalized folding fan sector.

Laser engraving onto plastic frame gives a metallic silver look, as a new characteristic, it produces a light relieve that can be noticed by touching the engraving area. Please contact our commercial department if you are interested in the product.



The fan is one of those typical Spanish products which cannot be missing in any souvenir-store or gift-shop; specially the ones located at the most touristic cities of our country.

Conscious about the demand souvenir fans generate among the international tourism, Jose Blay has always concerned on making and designing exclusive souvenir fans specially designed for each city or tourist zone of the Spanish geography and other cities worldwide.

We have also creations with printings related to the Spanish folklore and its traditions.



Gift Fans: These fans give a touch of distinction to your events or presents, both personal and corporate gifts.

The fan is a timeless fashionable complement, which can be used by any person – both women and men in any situation; this is the main reason why it becomes an ideal gift for many occasions.

JoseBlay has an extensive hand-fan catalogue, from simplest fan to the ones of high range. If you like, you can choose one of our models, and to customize it for the event or the person to whom it is going to be given.

Personalized Hand Fans

In order to personalize practically any fan design, we offer you some different techniques as follows:

joseblay Printing in plain colorsSerigraphy (Screen-printing)
Astencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. This technique is suitable for logos, corporate image, and simple designs from one to several colors.


handfan Lithographic printingLithography
It allows the impression of a full color image, and it is convenient for more complex designs and images with great amount of details, as photography.



Laser engraving/Laser marking handfan

The design can be marked directly by means of laser on the frame.





All these techniques can be applied on any cloth material as well as plastic frames or wooden frames. Choose the color of your hand-fan, send us your own design, and we will take care of everything.

Consult with our Commercial Department for options and budgets, or visit our Custom-made fans request form.



Corporate and adverting fans are always an inexpensive and useful resource to give to know your brand or company’s name, and as the same time a practical, handy and multipurpose gift to whoever receive it.

We have a different structure types and finishing, with frames in wood, and plastic as well; and a wide color assortment to create your logo aesthetics and corporate image.

JOSEBLAY® have expanded experience making promotional fans, having made orders to the most important companies of our country.

Techniques for customized hand held fans

You can personalize almost all types of hand held fan Abanicos Jose Blay carries. There are different techniques to meet different output requests. By choosing fabric (material and color), and frame (varnished Wood, un-varnished Wood and 12 colores of plastic frame) with aplicable printing methods will lead the most suitable products for each particular client. For more elegant choice, you can also choose the tecnique of engraving in wooden frame.

Printing in plain colors

We use traditional technique of printing over fabric to faithfully reproduce plain colors without shades. It is suitable for logos and corporate images well as simple designs with one or several colors. The printed fabric can accompany with wood or plastic frames.

joseblay Printing in plain colorsThe most common technique is Serigraphy, which is also known as screen-printing or silkscreen, consisting of individual plates creating for each of the colors of image to be reproduced. It is a stencil technique that employs fabric stretched tight on a screen support frame. The artist blocks out areas on the fabric and applies ink with a squeegee. The ink covers everything except the blocked-out sections and the image appears on the paper, canvas or other surface placed beneath the screen.

We use cotton fabric for this method. There is no limit on the number of colors, although normalente this technique is used for images with up to 4 spot colors.

Examples of printing with plain colors (spot colors):

serigraphy 1 colour

1 color

serigraphy 2 colours

2 colors

serigraphy 3 colours

3 colors




This method can be used on both white and colored fabrics. In the case of printing spot color over colored fabrics, we must take into account that the final printed spot color may vary influenced by the color of the cloth on which is printed.

As an advantage, stamping printing techniques does not only play with maxima accuracy and precision, but also allow you to use special inks such as metallic (gold, silver, etc..) or fluorescent colors.

Full color printing (CKMY)

When we want to print a complex design or an image with lots of details, such as photographs, printing techniques used are completely different to the previous case. Can be used to customize both wooden frame fans or plastic ones, since printing is performed on the fabric alone.

handfan Lithographic printingIn this case, do not count the number of printing inks since the techniques used, Lithographic printing or digital printing, allow to obtain a wide color range from the combination of the four basic colors (CKMY) in the same way as a home printer . This feature allows to obtain high quality images with high color accuracy in reproducing different shades and hues.
Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has brought about fast turnaround times and printing on demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made relatively small quantity.

Full color printing can be only used on white color fabric. Depends on different techniques using, we choose either synthetic fabric or cotton which can offer slight variation in the final color perception

Laser engraving/Laser marking

Laser marking, the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark an object, is to engrave words and simple logo on wooden frame. The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve contacting the engraving surface.

Laser engraving/Laser marking handfanThe way laser engraves exposes the original wood color contrasting with the painted surface, which allows afor a strikingly elegant finish. You can mark a simple logo or a phrase for the central part of the frame, only the first rib or both.

Clearly, the laser engraving can be performed only on wooden fans as the plastic material is not compatible with this technique.

Examples of laser marking technique:

Laser engraving/Laser markingMarking on the center of the wooden frame.


 Laser engraving/Laser markingMarking on the first big rib of a hand held fan.


Contact with our Marketing Department about the possibilities and the quotations of each printing techniques for your personalized hand held fan.



Plastic fans are a good alternative to traditional wooden fans, allowing modern frame finishing’s results that are not possible with other materials.

Furthermore, the plastic frame is much more resistant and long-lasting. Due to the fact we use the best raw materials, and we also like to take care of every detail of the fanfinishing’s we get to obtain very high quality products.