At Abanicos José Blay we have been manufacturing fans made in Spain and accessories for more than 70 years. Precisely, we inherited the Valencian artisan tradition, of Aldaya (the cradle of the manufacture of fans). As manufacturers, we focus mainly on the sale of original fans and handcrafted fans wholesale.Read more

Through our registered trademark JOSEBLAY® we have managed to extend and popularize our Spanish fan models both nationally and internationally. The fundamental pillars of José Blay are the excellent quality and manufacturing technique of our fans,creativity and search for novelties (both in designs and materials) and the options of personalization according to the needs of our customers.

But not only do we offer a large Spanish fan with the highest quality, but we also have all kinds of accessories for fans and other accessories such as manila shawls.


Thanks to the immense work of our craftsmen we have the privilege of offering a great catalogue where to buy fans online, to acquire cheap fans. And there is an incredible amount of situations where a fan can shine. This generates a demand for very different and sometimes surprising fans. 

We have created our online catalogue with great care so that you can quickly find the type of fan you are looking for. Focusing mainly on the most demanded requests:

  • Author’s fans.
  • High-end fans.
  • Chromatic fans.
  • Craft fans.
  • Dance fans.
  • Fans pericones.
  • Fans for weddings and special celebrations.
  • Abanicos cowboys.
  • Fan to the latest fashion.
  • Etc.

As you can see the variety of models we offer is very wide, but it is not our only point of favor, because, another of the great advantages we can offer is the ability to design fully customized fans . With engravings and prints that will allow you to promote your brand in a special event, or design a perfect gift for a celebration (as a fantastic wedding gift or as a gift for guests in a baptism). Craft fans designed and manufactured exclusively for you.

Take your time to discover all the amazing models that we make available to you through our web application.