There is nothing more original than a folding fan for wedding favor, which is a nice, useful and practical gift as the Bride fans.

JOSEBLAY® offer countless ways to customize your wedding favor – folding fans – for the special day. You can choose different type of plain wooden folding fans or a plain plastic fan in a wide range of colors. Simply print or laser engraving on the first rib of the fan or on the center.

You can also personalize a wooden or plastic fan with an image, photo, and/or a message printing on the fabric. There are limitless ways to personalized your own folding fans with the mínimum quantity of 48 pcs only. The personalized fan is the best memory you might have to share with family and friends.

On our website, we have develop an easy tool to personalised your own fan. Follow the steps indicated by upload your photo, choose the type of the fan you like and the fabric color. After finishing the design, you can download the image or request a quote directly online.