Corporate and adverting fans are always an inexpensive and useful resource to give to know your brand or company’s name, and as the same time a practical, handy and multipurpose gift to whoever receive it.

We have a different structure types and finishing, with frames in wood, and plastic as well; and a wide color assortment to create your logo aesthetics and corporate image.

JOSEBLAY® have expanded experience making promotional fans, having made orders to the most important companies of our country.

Techniques for customized hand held fans

You can personalize almost all types of hand held fan Abanicos Jose Blay carries. There are different techniques to meet different output requests. By choosing fabric (material and color), and frame (varnished Wood, un-varnished Wood and 12 colores of plastic frame) with aplicable printing methods will lead the most suitable products for each particular client. For more elegant choice, you can also choose the tecnique of engraving in wooden frame.

Printing in plain colors

We use traditional technique of printing over fabric to faithfully reproduce plain colors without shades. It is suitable for logos and corporate images well as simple designs with one or several colors. The printed fabric can accompany with wood or plastic frames.

joseblay Printing in plain colorsThe most common technique is Serigraphy, which is also known as screen-printing or silkscreen, consisting of individual plates creating for each of the colors of image to be reproduced. It is a stencil technique that employs fabric stretched tight on a screen support frame. The artist blocks out areas on the fabric and applies ink with a squeegee. The ink covers everything except the blocked-out sections and the image appears on the paper, canvas or other surface placed beneath the screen.

We use cotton fabric for this method. There is no limit on the number of colors, although normalente this technique is used for images with up to 4 spot colors.

Examples of printing with plain colors (spot colors):

serigraphy 1 colour

1 color

serigraphy 2 colours

2 colors

serigraphy 3 colours

3 colors




This method can be used on both white and colored fabrics. In the case of printing spot color over colored fabrics, we must take into account that the final printed spot color may vary influenced by the color of the cloth on which is printed.

As an advantage, stamping printing techniques does not only play with maxima accuracy and precision, but also allow you to use special inks such as metallic (gold, silver, etc..) or fluorescent colors.

Full color printing (CKMY)

When we want to print a complex design or an image with lots of details, such as photographs, printing techniques used are completely different to the previous case. Can be used to customize both wooden frame fans or plastic ones, since printing is performed on the fabric alone.

handfan Lithographic printingIn this case, do not count the number of printing inks since the techniques used, Lithographic printing or digital printing, allow to obtain a wide color range from the combination of the four basic colors (CKMY) in the same way as a home printer . This feature allows to obtain high quality images with high color accuracy in reproducing different shades and hues.
Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has brought about fast turnaround times and printing on demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made relatively small quantity.

Full color printing can be only used on white color fabric. Depends on different techniques using, we choose either synthetic fabric or cotton which can offer slight variation in the final color perception

Laser engraving/Laser marking

Laser marking, the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark an object, is to engrave words and simple logo on wooden frame. The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve contacting the engraving surface.

Laser engraving/Laser marking handfanThe way laser engraves exposes the original wood color contrasting with the painted surface, which allows afor a strikingly elegant finish. You can mark a simple logo or a phrase for the central part of the frame, only the first rib or both.

Clearly, the laser engraving can be performed only on wooden fans as the plastic material is not compatible with this technique.

Examples of laser marking technique:

Laser engraving/Laser markingMarking on the center of the wooden frame.


 Laser engraving/Laser markingMarking on the first big rib of a hand held fan.


Contact with our Marketing Department about the possibilities and the quotations of each printing techniques for your personalized hand held fan.