Jose Blay makes and commercializes all type of fans, custom-made to every organization or individual’s necessities:

  • Hand-Crafted Fans: made of wooden or plastic ribs. There is a wide range of hand-fans available in many sizes, colors and designs; from the most traditional ones to the most vanguardists.
  • Promotional Fans: for adverting, events, etc. Completely customized with your brand-name or logo, and your own exclusive design.
  • Gift-Fans: for weddings, corporate gifts, and fine collectors. High-quality exclusive creations which always grant a touch of distinction to your gift.
  • Souvenir-Fans: customized with the most traditional Spanish folklore, and touristic motives from the main Spanish cities, and also adapted to souvenir motives of other cities worldwide
  • Accesories: we have a wide range of accessories for hand-fans from individual boxes to bags, and other complements such as fan-holders .
  • Spanish Scarves: folklore Spanish clothing traditional element with a wide range of floral designs.